Tom Brady goes Dutch

Episode 1 December 18, 2020 01:16:38
Tom Brady goes Dutch
The Fog Warning
Tom Brady goes Dutch

Show Notes

An interview with Onno Laarhoven, of Long Island Yachts. This Dutch boat builder has made a major splash in Europe with their Luxury Day Boat class of small yachts.

The Luxury Day Boat class has been among the most rapidly growing class of yachts in America over the last three years. Dave Mallach and Onno discuss Long Island Yacht's offerings, as well as builds from Wajer Yachts, Pardo Yachts, Riva and Ferretti Yachts, and Zeelander.

The most timely news is that Wajer Yachts scored big this week, with the delivery of a Wajer 55s to NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

Yachts discussed at length in this podcast:

Long Island Yachts

Wajer Yachts

Pardo Yachts

Vicem Yachts

Vanquish Yachts

Riva Yachts



Tom Brady's new Water 55S

Long Island Yacht Antarctic Cruise

Long Island Yachts North Sea Crossing

Long Island Yachts Rhine River Cruise

Long Island Yachts Intro Video



Long Island Yacht tender to Superyacht "Legend"

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